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Megan benefits from custom Grays stick

Megan benefits from custom Grays stick
We are very pleased to have worked with Sean to create a custom stick for his daughter Megan who was born without her lower left forearm. We wish her the best of luck with her hockey!


Our community never ceases to surprise me with it’s support and kindness.

12 months ago I reached out to Mark Eadie as I knew he was connected within the Hockey space, especially GRAYS.

Some of you will know that Megan, my oldest daughter was born without her lower left forearm. She has played netball, tennis and hockey at a pretty high level, competing for the 1st XI at school and also representing Berkshire.

Last year Megan was approached by a parent at Reading HC offering to look at various ways to balance her hockey stick and give her a better purchase on the ball. It was agreed that the weight of the stick needed to be increased up to the maximum allowance of 737 grams. This would also allow Megan to hit the ball without any support from her left underarm.

I approached Mark as I remembered him sharing with me the connections he had. He very kindly introduced me to the Managing Director of GRAYS. After 3 meetings with their R&D team Megan has taken delivery of her personalised hockey stick where the carbon fibre has been specifically weighted for Megan.

The GRAYS team have been simply amazing and to see Megan’s excitement throughout this journey has been heart warming.

Today was the 1st time where Megan was training and putting her new stick through it’s paces.

One lesson that Megan continues to remind me and others in her life, never give up because everything is possible ❤️

Mark THANK YOU so much for your kind and generous introduction 🙏🏻

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