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Stay Active

Stay Active

Things to do whilst hockey is away

Unless you have been living under a rock of the last couple of weeks you’ll know there is no hockey being played at the moment. For most of us at Grays that meant not playing the last league game of the year and relegation and promotion still up for grabs (mostly concern at being at the wrong end of the table!). But whether you are a hi performance athlete or a social member of a club the dynamics of a team game result in the same questions and issues, even in these testing times. For the moment we need to stay locked down and merely contemplate getting out onto the astro. What to do in the meantime?

Here’s a few things we’ve considered

  1. Don’t cancel your direct debit to your club!!!! You need somewhere to celebrate when summer hockey starts.
  2. Take Top of the D’s quiz https://ly/2QHcX36
  3. Challenge Maddie
  4. Tempt Sam Ward with some more comedics – he can easily be found on social media!
  5. Listen to Ernst Baart at Studio Hockey …
  6. Log onto Field Hockey forum – everything (and more) you could wish to discuss
  7. Do Joe Wicks workout -
  8. Discover new music on Spotify one month ad free!!!!
  9. Read a book – tell us what it is below
  10. Take up knitting

Comment below and tell us what you are doing – and we’ll feature you on social.

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