THE GAME 11 Nov 19

Hockey 5s

Hockey 5s

Hockey 5s gets World Cup & Continental Championships

In order to further boost the development of hockey globally through the promotion of its 5-a-side format, “Hockey5s”, the FIH has decided to create a FIH Hockey5s World Cup, with the inaugural edition planned for 2023. Continental Hockey5s tournaments will be organized and act as qualifiers. 16 teams per gender will take part in the first FIH Hockey5s World Cup. Hockey 5s had previously only been part of Youth Olympics. It is: -

  • Faster - only 20 minutes long and played on 50 x 40m pitch
  • Intense - low level boards surround pitch keeping ball in play
  • Skillful - one-on-one skills essential
  • Entertaining - average of 8 goals a game!



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