Why Hockey is the best sport your child can play!

Why Hockey is the best sport your child can play!

THE GAME 07 Mar 19


In the modern world of iPhones, online gaming and Netflix it is a constant struggle to limit screen-time and keep children active. In the uphill battle against sedentariness, we have a secret weapon: Hockey.

Hockey child equals happy child

Hockey players make for happy kids. Playing makes them more active, healthier and more confident. As well as burning some energy, Hockey really gets the blood pumping which can make a big contribution in the classroom, with increased heart rate during exercise helping to improve brain function, thereby improving memory, creative thinking and teamwork. With a recent report suggesting that 20% of children in the UK are obese by the age of 11 the health benefits of playing an active sport such as hockey are abundantly obvious. Regular exercise has been shown to decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress and active children have significantly reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and asthma.

Faster, further, for longer

The rolling-sub system has advantages over sports like football because you can maintain a high tempo whilst on the pitch and then have a short break to recover. It has been reported that field hockey players travel more than athletes in almost any other sport, with players on average covering nearly 6 miles during a 70-minute game. They perform around 30 sprints per game with the average in football being just 11. The sprints are generally longer as well. In the beep test world records hockey players account for 4 of top 10 men and 3 of top 5 women. Field Hockey players run faster, further & for longer over 70 minutes than football players do over 90 minutes.

Be part of a team

Hockey is a fast-paced team sport that requires high concentration levels and excellent hand to eye coordination. There aren’t many greater experiences than being a part of a team. Defending is a team philosophy. Hockey teams defend from the front often with a high press and man marking. If your team concedes it is not a blemish on the defence but on the whole team. There is a collective responsibility to defend as a team, attack as a team and above all win as a team.

Develop your skills

Hockey is a tactical game that requires a player to be aware of team tactics and be self-aware of any weaknesses in their own game, whilst exploiting weaknesses in the opposition.

It is great for hand to eye coordination, which will be of benefit your child in later life should they decide to take up a trade or be the next Banksy. Each position requires a different skill set, therefore a player can add value to their team in a variety of ways.

Take a short corner for example. The skill of pushing out a short is unique, as is the short corner stop. Then you have a drag-flicker or a player whose job it is to deflect the ball into the goal. When defending you have 2 runners whose objective is to sprint towards two points of danger. This leaves a goalkeeper and 2 defenders on the line to protect the goal should anything come through.

The Hockey Family

Being part of a hockey club is a life-changing experience. Hockey is one of few sports with men and women on a par. As such many clubs have whole families involved with father and son, mother and daughter often sharing a field. If playing hockey is not for you then there are a number of non-playing roles such as treasurer or fixtures secretary or helping out with umpiring. Young players can play with experienced veterans who can impart their knowledge to the youngsters coming through. People from a variety of backgrounds come together with one shared passion. With multiple teams playing in one day the opportunities to watch other games and socialise with other club members is frequent.

In summary, Hockey is the perfect sport for your child. Both the physical and mental health benefits are extensive whilst the sport requires speed of thought and body, as well as a variety of unique skills to add value to a team. Become a part of the global hockey family and experience their shared passion.

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