AC Technology


AeroCore are the most advanced hockey sticks ever created by Grays Hockey. We set out to develop the best hockey stick in the world, andthrough a rigorous process of research and development, professional testing and prototypes, the results speak for themselves.

Every element deconstructed.

Every part analysed.

Every feature innovated.

Thousands of hours of design, engineering, sample production, testing and iteration until we reached our goal.

AC sticks use up to 50% less solvents in production process compared to traditional stick manufacturing.

NEW Jumbow-S

These sticks have undergone a fundamental rethink of a design that has been commonplace for over 30 years to ensure we maximise the extreme bow, making them the most aggressive hockey sticks on the market.

The concentration of the bow is positioned towards the playing head, working in conjuction with the player’s hand position, allowing a much later strike through the swing-arc than previously possible. What does this mean? Serious head speed through the ball.

We’ve incorporated a unique ribbed design which increases grip and feel throughout the handle area, and reduces the harsh vibrations that an increase in power can sometimes cause.

A flat inner edge on the handle of the Jumbow-S allows the hockey player to instinctively understand the playing head position, allowing 100% focus on the ball.

The new Jumbow-S has extended the LBZ and coating it with our tough Durazone surface treatment; giving players an even greater sweet-spot and making strikes faster, harder and more accurate.


The Probow-S & Dynabow-S are evolutions of the ever popular Probow & Dynabow shapes with every degree reevaluated to give optimal performance.

We’ve pushed our Probow-S and Dynabow-S designs to the max, while ensuring that all dimensions remain within FIH regulations. This process entailed the complete rethinking of the fundamental design of the hockey stick that has been prevalent for the past 30 years. This new approach has allowed us to maximise the attack aspects of both bow designs to produce the most aggressive hockey sticks available today.

We have also achieved the flattest, most consistent strike surfaces we’ve ever attempted. This makes AeroCore extremely versatile and dynamic in use.


This is the most ambitious and innovation-packed playing head we’ve ever created. The Apex Playing Head includes all the technology available in the Vertex Playing Head, with even more design features to improve performance.

The Apex is a completely new design developed to provide even the best hockey players with unique capabilities. Combined with the highest quality tooling, the highest quality construction and the highest level of stiffness, the result will delight hockey players across the game.

With Apex, you will be able to trap more accurately, block more confidently and strike more aggressively.

The Apex Playing Head is available on the Grays AeroCore AC10 Probow-S and AC8 Probow-S hockey sticks.


Our Vertex Playing Head features a more open ‘V’ shape which gives a greater surface area to strike the ball.

The shape also reduces weight at the head of the stick, giving
fantastic control and handspeed through the ball.

The Vertex head features extreme stiffness and strength which is
perfect for players looking for more power, concerns about the added vibrations this generates dissipate thanks to our aerospace foam-core dampening.

Deep within the Vertex Playing Head are two aerospace quality foam cores - a unique design that integrates aerospace grade materials to provide the optimum playing head feel.


The key to AeroCore’s design? A strong spine.

Without the Aerocore’s spine strength, it would not be possible to generate the immense power held within the entire AC range.

Reinforcing carbon fibre is distributed to areas that need it most, resulting in superb balance and precise weight distribution.

After consultation with our elite players, we’ve gone even further for our new AC Sticks, strengthening the Vertex Playing Head and reinforcing the base of the handle for precise impact dampening.


The key to making the AeroCore range a success was to test the
limits and defy convention.

While crucially staying within FIH regulations, we’ve done exactly that with our Prowbow-S and Dynabow-S designs.

These sticks have undergone a fundamental rethink of a design that has been commonplace for over 30 years to ensure we maximise the extreme bow, making them the most aggressive hockey sticks on the market.