AC Composite Hockey Sticks


Aerocore is the most advanced hockey stick we have ever created. An accumulation of more than a years research and development. We threw away the rule book and started afresh with the sole purpose of developing the best hockey stick in the world.

We have deconstructed every element. Analysed and innovated every part. A process that took engineers and hockey players thousands of hours of design, engineering, sample production, testing and iteration until we were satisfied we had produced the best.

With Aerocore, every element and part has been transformed.


Our layered carbon fibre construction includes hot-melt pre-preg and low fibre areal weight fabric with increased tensile strength. The result is very high stiffness and balance, and our collection topping AC10 is the stiffest hockey stick we have ever developed.

Even the handle design has been completely rethought. We’ve incorporated a unique ribbed design to increase grip and feel throughout the handle area, resulting in better feel, control, and a noticeable reduction in the harsh vibration feedback found in almost all other stiff hockey sticks.


The Probow-S & Dynabow-S are evolutions of the ever popular Probow & Dynabow shapes with every degree reevaluated to give optimal performance.

We’ve pushed our new Probow-S and Dynabow-S designs to the max, while ensuring that all dimensions remain within FIH regulations. This process entailed the complete rethinking of the fundamental design of the hockey stick that has been prevalent for the past 30 years. This new approach has allowed us to maximise the attack aspects of both bow designs to produce the most aggressive hockey sticks available today.

We have also achieved the flattest, most consistent strike surfaces we’ve ever attempted. This makes Aerocore extremely versatile and dynamic in use.


Deep within the new playing heads is our new aerospace quality foam twin core construction. This new design integrates aerospace grade materials to provide the best playing head feel we’ve ever achieved. We’ve produced thousands of development samples and tested them on every hockey playing continent, to provide us with the feedback we needed to hone this new technology and implement it into our hockey sticks.

We are confident that this new technology is game-changing both with regards to reliability and durability.


The new Apex and Vertex heads are the most ambitious and innovation-packed we’ve ever achieved.

The Vertex head has the technical excellence of our previous playing heads but we’ve opened up the ‘v’ shape, and removed excess weight, while retaining the strength and stiffness.

The Apex head is a completely new design developed to provide even the best hockey players with new unique capabilities. Combined with our highest quality tooling, the highest quality construction and stiffness, the result will delight even the most experienced hockey player. With Apex, you will be able to trap more accurately, block more confidently and strike more aggressively.

LBZ & Spine

UNIQUE LBZ: The new LBZ is more clearly defined and flatter than ever before, to stabilise the connection between the hockey stick and ball. It has a greatly increased focal strike zone to enable a faster harder strike, more of the time.

STRONG SPINE: Central to our new Aerocore design is the strong spine, to provide the strength to absorb the huge forces experienced by the hockey stick. While distributing the reinforcement only in the areas where it’s most needed, the result is in an extremely strong spine with great balance and weight distribution.

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